Apr 132021

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Taking into account the situation caused by the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic and the quarantine announced in Lithuania, we decided to postpone until further notice all the nearest go events organized by the Lithuanian Go Association – Vilnius Go Cup and the Lithuanian Youth Go Championship this year too. Their dates will be planned and announced upon the end of the pandemic and quarantine.
However, so far we are going to organize this year’s Summer Go Camp. It will take place on July 3-6 in the same place as last year – at the Ilona Homestead in Saladiškės, Molėtai district, on the shore of Ilgynas lake.

We have decided neither to cancel nor postpone the camp yet. Unfortunately, we can’t guarantee anything 100%. It very much depends on the ever-changing situation, requirements, restrictions, and so on. Especially when there is so much time left before the scheduled camp date. However, we are monitoring the situation closely and will respond appropriately depending on the evolving situation. We will inform about any the changes concerning to the camp as soon as possible.

Management Board of the Lithuanian Go Association

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